Unexpectedly In Love

I never thought I would meet the man I would marry by getting a thai massage Sheffield. When school was over, my life seemed like it was going to fall apart. Parents were divorced, and I didn’t have any job prospects. Driving through town one afternoon, I saw a massage parlor that I hadn’t seen before. Walking inside, I noticed the aromatic scent of peppermint, my favorite smell. I decided to get the massage, and was impressed to see a handsome man who was going to get all of the knots out of my neck and back. We began talking, and later on, we exchanged numbers. After talking for a few weeks, we realized that we had several things in common. There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t talk on the phone. Soon, we were engaged, and after only a few short months we were married.

Spontaneous Obstacles

People often allow alcohol to bring trouble into their lives. They drink too much and do things they shouldn’t. Most of these issues arise when people leave the safety of their homes. The problem is that alcohol brings spontaneous obstacles into play.

Suppose you’re sitting on your porch having a drink and hanging out with friends, no problem. However, when you decide you and your friends need to go on a drunken reconnaissance mission, then the obstacles arise. Where did that car come from? It wasn’t there a minute ago. Ditch, that ditch was never here before. We must have some fast ditch diggers around here! Cutting through the neighbor’s yard never seemed all that daunting before, but now they have installed instant hedging, attacking innocent passers-by who have consumed one too many. So, if you must drink alcohol, do so from the obstacle-free safety of home.

How redecorating can save you money

Now that the kids are grown and moved out of the house, my hubby and I decided to redo our home and make life easier for ourselves. One of the first things we targeted was the window treatments by replacing our old curtains and drapes with shutter blinds. What a wonderful difference it made, and if we had not accomplished anything else, I would still be happy. Every woman knows that one of the biggest jobs in the house is taking down the curtains to wash, iron and rehang or hauling the drapes to the dry cleaner and then getting shell-shocked by the bill. The new blinds are fabulous. Not only do the rooms look bigger, but the shades are easy to clean and have lowered our electric bills by keeping out the heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

My Business Was In The Sewer

It was hard to run my business when it was in the sewer. I was getting no visitors, and I needed to turn to a cheap seo company to help reverse my fortunes. I sold fried hams, and it was hard to sell these to a local community that was mostly Islamic and Jewish in nature. I had to reach out to the farthest corners of the Internet to find people that would actually want my fried hams. I had a dream and a business, but I was so cash-strapped that I just could not make it work. I needed a company to help reverse my fortunes. I needed someone to get my hams cooking again. I needed someone to fry up some sales for me, because I was starving in terms of sales. My hams were my livelihood, my bread-and-butter, and without them, our whole family would go to the slaughterhouse.


The mythical place mentioned in the 1933 novel “Lost Horizon” is not mythical after-all. It exists, and I have been there. In Kowloon, Hong Kong, amidst a plethora of Hong Kong hotels, stands the Shangri-La.

Recently while abroad marketing some software for an up and coming technology guru, I was booked at this hotel. The decor was superb. The cuisine was delicious. But the massage and reflexology specialists that worked me over, made the trip unforgettable. I will spend hours remembering the outer body experience that woman gave me on her table.

I have traveled the world over and will be quick to volunteer for another Hong Kong trip should the opportunity avail itself. The accomodations and people of Hong Kong were remarkable. This was an experience of a lifetime for me.